Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 7AM - 7PM

Warm Organic Argan Oil Manicure

Restore the natural strength of nails, improve nails texture, balance uneven skin tone while promoting healthy, natural nail growth. A complete manicure with warmed mittens that will leave your hands and nails looking clean and healthy.

40mins $60.00

Classic Manicure

30 mins $40.00

Spa Manicure

Includes paraffin treatment

45 mins $60.00

French Manicure

45mins $45.00

Sport Manicure

without polish

20mins $30.00

Shellac Manicure

The First Hybrid Manicure system with 14 Day Wear, zero dry time with a mirror finish. Voted Best New Product of the Year!

30mins $55.00

Repair dry cracked feet and restore the natural strength of the skin and nails. A complete pedicure with warmed booties that will leave your calves and feet looking smooth and healthy.

70mins $75.00

60mins $60.00

includes paraffin treatment

75mins $75.00

60mins $65.00

Warm stones offers therapeutic value and healing properties to the feet while focusing on reflex points.

60mins $75.00

without polish

30mins $50.00